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December 13 2013

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RN To BSN Programs Can Help Develop Your Career

RN's (registered nurses) are basically nurses who hold a diploma or at least have an associate degree in nursing. These qualifications are sufficient for these nurses to be licensed by a state nursing board to practice nursing. These nurses do not need a bachelor's degree in order to practice nursing. But have you ever wondered how advantageous it could be if they had one? Well, they will obviously be given much more responsibility if they have a BSN degree. This also means that they will have many more job opportunities which offer higher pay as well. These are just a couple of reasons why many RN's today are hoping to improve their qualifications by going for a BSN (Bachelor of Science in nursing). And what better way of doing so than by enrolling in a RN to BSN online program?

These programs are basically designed specifically for helping RN's obtain BSN degrees. The curriculum is unique and can significantly help hospital school graduates as well as graduates from community colleges and even licensed nurses. There are many different universities all over the country that offer these programs and they are quite flexible and partly online as well. Don't think it is a completely online program though. And the best part is that it can even be completed in as little as a couple of semesters. The class schedule is quite flexible as well allowing nursing students to easily balance work and school during the duration of the program.

Any registered nurse that wants to enroll in this program will need to have a valid license for the state where they apply. You can even take up this program if you have a Bachelor's in any other field although there will be certain other requirements as well. The program may be spread over more than two semesters in this case as well. An expired RN license will not be sufficient for this program and you will need to meet other eligibility criteria and take on extra courses in this case as well.

For example, any registered nurse applying for this program must also complete a professional nursing course. This course will cover all concepts related to how staff nurses can perform like professional nurses. They may also be required to take a course based on overall healthcare across the life of a patient. Another common course they may be asked to take up is on health promotion.

Enrolling in an RN to BSN program is one of the best things a registered nurse can do for his/her career. So what are you waiting for? Find a good program and enroll online today.

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